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    Hi there everyone!

    I'm 30 and from Stockholm, Sweden.

    Started with freeletics on the 17th of December with the "Coach".
    It was a brutal start but i'm currently on week 6 (sickness last week made me loose almost 1 week).

    I have always had some problem with weight since me late teens, bouncing up and down in weight.
    Earlier in my life I was very active training both Judo and Orienteering.

    But then the computer and crap food entered my life. And you can probably can figure out the rest.
    Since then I have bounced a bit up and down. Not really finding anything that I found enjoyable and thus quit.

    But mid december, weighing in at almost 95kg for 170cm I had enough.
    I actually found freeletics earlier that year, but didn't sign up for the coach.

    But on the 16th of December I signed up and payed for the coach.
    It's just so convenient! And it challenges you by not making it simple! Just what a guy like me needs :)

    And I don't have to go to the gym. I can do it outside almost anywhere.. Or even at home, even though my down stairs neighbors might dislike burpees/high jumps ;)

    So anyway. I'm now at week 6! Looking forward to the next exercise every time! Even Aphrodite ;)

    The choice to have goals to beat (PB and Levels) is an excellent idea for an computer gamer like my self.

    Anyway. Would love to hear from more freeletics in Stockholm!
    Maybe start a group to do some training in the nice Stockholm Spring :)

    Enough of me! Just want to thank freeletics for making it fun to change. I'm all ready noticing big differences in my body and I'm down to 28 minutes on Aphrodite. Which is good for me! :)


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