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  1. OctroneXx

    OctroneXx Aphrodite Moderator

    Here you can share and talk about your PBs and compare them to others.
  2. zepredlin

    zepredlin Frischling

    My first freeletics workout :D ....29:04

    i hope i should decrease in a few months..
  3. Marco

    Marco Venus Co-Administrator

    Great time for the first try !!

    Jumps are difficult. ;-)
  4. AlexKla

    AlexKla Aphrodite

    good job!
  5. PelLihi

    PelLihi Frischling

    My PB is 14:09* but I don't make any breaks - hope that counts. :D
  6. kielerkoenig

    kielerkoenig Herakles

    Re: AW: Personal Best

    Nope, breaks are mandatory...
    Sorry but otherwise times would not be comparable. :D
  7. chausj

    chausj Hera

    Mine is 19:11*

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  8. chausj

    chausj Hera

    you should consider with breaks, in this workout it is 9 minutes!

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