Hello from a Swede in York

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  1. frdrk

    frdrk Frischling

    Hi amigos.

    I found Freeletics last week via YouTube and signed up for the coach over the weekend. I did my first workout today - Aphrodite 2/5. I _almost_ finished it but couldn't do half the second set of burpees even after 10 mins of rest. My back just was not willing to move any more. I feel a bit bad about that now though - I really should have kept waiting and trying.

    I've opted for four workouts a week and will do the second one tomorrow before lunch. I've read people saying that they've done Aphrodite several times before moving on. Is that advisable instead of moving on to week two when I've done the four workouts i've been assigned for this week?

    I'm fearing these coming 15 weeks. But I'm also hopeful, determined and excited.

  2. gallu81

    gallu81 Frischling

    Hi and welcome!

    Don't worry for aphodrite, you improve with the time. I'm in fourth week and with an arm injured since I did Venus last Thursday....

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