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  1. dorje

    dorje Frischling

    32' 41''... I started with 50' 56''!
  2. Marco

    Marco Venus Co-Administrator

    Great Job !
  3. dorje

    dorje Frischling

    Thank you. :)
  4. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

    super improvement!!
  5. PascalDo

    PascalDo Frischling

    Hey everybody :)

    Im glad to join this big Community :)

    Aphrodite first time 47:47

    Heart was on Beastmode :D

    Love this Trainings :D :mrgreen:
  6. chausj

    chausj Hera

    Welcome here. My first time was also around 47 minutes

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    MISETRONE Frischling

    My first was over 50min, now at week 7, I did my PB 22:00*
  8. chausj

    chausj Hera

    Nice time

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  9. chausj

    chausj Hera

  10. GuitarBitch

    GuitarBitch Frischling

    One week ago: 52 minutes
    Today: 39 minutes

  11. chausj

    chausj Hera

    Inprovements comes fast :)

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  12. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

  13. MilanC

    MilanC Frischling

    I've done in my third week 31'33 but without a star as I still have troubles getting the sit-ups complete. I am touching my ankles but can't come up completely! Give me a few more weeks and I will have the star version done within the 20 somewhere minutes :twisted: .
  14. AlexKla

    AlexKla Aphrodite

    Hehe, good job! u'll get there soon! try ur best and give it ur all, but make sure to do the movements correctly ! :D
  15. JODK9

    JODK9 Hades

    Beginning of Hell Week
  16. duvall68

    duvall68 Frischling

  17. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    First time 40:57 with star. PB 31:51 with star. I was amazed I dropped the time by 9 min in one week which is around 22%.
    Burpees are the ones that hold me back.
  18. schloesser88

    schloesser88 Frischling

    my first Aphrodite : 24:59 min (Jul 17, 2014)

    pb: 13:57 min (Mar 23, 2015)

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