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    Hello there guys, recently I started lifting weights combined with bodyweight workouts, diamond push ups mainly, the truth is I have read a lot about skinny fat from, and tried to follow its advice. In the end, it turned out that doing Freeletics made a lot of sense to me, given my genetics.
    The reason for this I think is that bodyweight training gives clear signals to your body to transform and at the same time the freeletics program seems to focus on consistent numbers of reps without worrying too much about whether not you lift more, it is because skinny fat guys cannot bulk nor cut, but they can do both things at the same time. I perceive also a considerable improvement in my diamond push ups whereas the under hand grip lat pulldowns I tried on the machine were not very successful I address that partly to the fact that the machine doesn't allow you to keep a consistent track of your progress because each weight is a certain kg and thus one cannot progress brick by brick as you can with dumbbells.
    My final conclusion was that bodyweight made me feel more pumped and at the same time I perceived more consistent improvements and strongly believe it is really going to help me achieve the results I want.
    My fat is obviously retained in my belly which is aesthetically very unpleasant, I read about lots of skinny guys and sometimes even believe it will take at the very least two years for me to transform my body.
    I also want to share my meal plan which is actually fairly simple since I am a student and cannot afford to spend my time and money on fancy stuff, Freeletics nutrition guide is full of that.
    I just eat fried eggs with rye bread, oatmeal and avocado, for lunch I just have rice, sweet potato and four chicken filets. Late at night I have two beef steaks with spinach, I also have pineapple as a fruit.
    So here's what I need to know guys.
    What workouts best suit my needs?
    Will my diet be enough for this?
    Cheers to all.

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